Welcome to the Subrecipient Monitoring section of the Financial Research Compliance website at Johns Hopkins University. The tools provided on this website will be able to assist you with your questions about subrecipient monitoring and provide you with the information you need to manage your subrecipients.


Our Subrecipient Monitoring Policies and Procedures provides an overview of subrecipient monitoring at Johns Hopkins University.

It also provides the JHU Policy, Forms and Procedures for Research Administration, Principal Investigators, Academic Departments and the Controller’s Office.

Risk Rating

Subrecipient risk ratings are now available using the Subrecipient Dashboard.

The Subrecipient Dashboard provides risk ratings for all JHU subrecipients receiving funding from the last four fiscal years to the present. It also allows users to filter by risk rating, country, sponsor type, division, department and subrecipient. Users may export information from the Dashboard to Microsoft Excel or PDF.

If you require access to the dashboard but do not currently have it please email [email protected].

Forms | Tools

Guidelines for Invoice Review and Submonitoring -Provides detail of requirements for the documentation when approving both high risk and low risk subrecipient invoices.

New Subrecipient Questionnaire – New subrecipients must complete this questionnaire before beginning their work as a subrecipient at JHU. To determine if a subrecipient is new to JHU, please check the Subrecipient Dashboard.

Subrecipient Payment and Performance Certification – This form must be completed for all subrecipient invoice payments.

Sub vs. Contractor Quick Guide – This guide provides information on the difference between a subrecipient and contractor.

Subaward Determination Form – JHU’s Offices of Research Administration utilize this form to document whether a partnering organization is a subrecipient or a contractor.


Fast Facts – Revised Subrecipient Monitoring Policies and Procedures
This Fast Facts session provides information on JHU’s subrecipient monitoring policies and procedures.

The subrecipient monitoring team can provide customized training for the staff in your department. If you would like us to come present to your group, just reach out to [email protected] and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

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Any questions regarding subrecipient monitoring should be sent to the helpdesk at [email protected]