Understanding Effort and ERS

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Payroll Cost Transfers in ERS

What are Retro Cost Transfers?

Retro Cost Transfers are the cost transfers the department has processed though an E-Form after the effort reporting period has ended. On a daily basis, the E-Form fully executed on the previous day will be loaded into the ERS system for possible automated inclusion in the effort forms. If the E-Form at least partially relates to an effort period that has already been initiated, it will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the effort forms.

What does the “R” mean that displays next to an Employee’s name when viewing the list of Employees?

When you see an “R” appear next to a Faculty or Staff’s name on the Pre-Review or Post-Review list, it indicates that a Retro Cost Transfer has been processed for the individual’s effort form. The Retro Cost Transfer (RCT) was processed after the effort form was created.

Cost Sharing on Effort Forms

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